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In a bid to keep at the forefront of the latest marketing strategies, it is often forgotten that referrals – by clients, employees, prospects and partners – account for most inbound leads. Marframe has found that successful lead-generation activity can be greatly accelerated through a referral strategy, and we strongly recommend that all our clients undertake a referrals programme to generate new business.

An understanding of the
market and how to thrive in it

We know that it’s tough out there, but don’t think you always need to reinvent the wheel.

Attracting new customers is increasingly difficult. Competition is fierce and getting your message through to consumers and businesses who are inundated with omni-channel marketing messages from multiple sources a day is no mean feat.Add in the requirement to stay compliant with the latest data protection regulation and you’re dealing with an even more difficult and complicated job.

Take advantage of low-risk,
high-yield opportunities

Making a formal request for referrals is too often neglected. Yet a referral conversation is one of the most important conversation your employees can have.

Most organisations pay little attention to referrals and inevitably miss valuable opportunities. We have found that 80% of new-new business in any given year comes from referrals.

This is why we help our clients at all levels better understand the importance of referrals and then develop a formal approach to use it to increase their sales and grow their business.

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