Smart lead generation

For small businesses it is nigh-on impossible to get your voice heard in the vastness of the internet. This is where you need to be smart. You can drive strong leads by using clever SEO techniques (using key search phrases naturally in authoritative content), focused AdWords campaigns and knowing precisely which companies and their employees have visited your site.

A digital campaign that is tight,
focused and effective

You can attract the right people at the right companies to your website. But that’s only a good thing if you know precisely who they are.

We use a powerful combination of SEO and AdWords to drive a select target audience to your website. We then identify those companies — and the employees — that are looking at your website and help you make contact.

This requires minimal effort on your part as the software does all the work and sends daily (or weekly) alerts when there has been a ‘hot’ lead on the website.

We help you identify leads and
increase your sales pipeline

We can help you with:

  • Creating SEO-driven website content
  • Google AdWords campaigns that are tightly focused on your target audience, and come with a crystal-clear ROI
  • LinkedIn and Twitter campaigns
  • Sending valuable content to target audiences who will be drawn to your website
  • Using a defined process to make your website a BANT lead generator

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