From board-level strategy to full-service delivery

Part-time Marketing Directors
We embed a highly experienced Marketing Director within your business for between 2-5 days per month. Our marketer will work part-time alongside your senior management team to produce, implement and oversee a powerful marketing strategy - and its supporting marketing plan.

We take away all the hassle of finding and managing your marketing suppliers and ensure they are focused wholly on growing your sales and driving profit. This can eliminate expensive and wasteful marketing activity as navigating the sea of marketing services can be treacherous.

Our Marketing Directors will introduce you to our very strong network of specialist marketing agencies and freelance copywriters, designers, PR professionals, journalists, telemarketers and SEO/digital experts - and you can select those you believe add most value.

A complete marketing department

Your part-time Marketing Director is supported by a long-established network of high-calibre marketers.This team works flexibly and cost-effectively for you, as and when needed.

Our team comprises copywriters, proposition experts, designers, web designers, PPC/SEO experts, PR professionals, journalists and telemarketers, who have been working together for some 20 years and act collectively as your virtual marketing department.

Major cost benefits
For less than the cost of just one full-time, senior, in-house marketing person, MarFrame provides a highly experienced part-time Marketing Director plus an entire marketing team.

What’s more, your marketing budget for all of your marketing activities is also included in our monthly fees.

The cost-effectiveness of our complete solution is hugely appealing, delivering high value with major savings.

We report to your organisation’s CEO/board and ensure that marketing plays a powerful strategic role in driving increased sales and improved profitability.
We work alongside your organisation’s sales director to ensure the company executes only those tactical marketing activities that make a positive impact on sales.
We work with the same level of commitment, energy and passion as your most dedicated and effective full-time employees and take enormous pride in helping our clients’ businesses thrive and grow. Indeed, several of our clients have become so successful in recent years that they have been acquired.