Our proven 9-point marketing framework.

Strategy to

Established in 2010, MarFrame is a strategic marketing consultancy for SMEs.

First, we act as a Part-time Marketing Director for between 2-5 days per month who works flexibly at board level and alongside your key staff to mutually define a strategic marketing plan.

Then, we drive growth and profit by operating as the entire marketing slice of your business. We achieve this by applying our proven 9-Point Strategic Marketing Framework to cover all the core marketing bases your company needs.

We create and execute your marketing strategy, marketing plan, proposition development, comms plan and all supporting marketing activities by managing - on your behalf - a very strong network of specialist marketing agencies and freelance copywriters, designers, PR professionals, journalists, telemarketers and SEO/digital experts.

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From board-level strategy to full-service delivery

A proven record of delivering
results-driven marketing

Established in 2010, we are a strategic marketing consultancy that acts as your virtual marketing department.

We work with SMEs to increase sales and drive profitability by making the marketing department the engine of growth.

We will help your business’s products or services sell themselves — by creating winning propositions and by ensuring that you have a clear and persuasive voice in the market.

Everything your business
needs, marketing-wise

First, we supply your business with a highly experienced part-time Marketing Director. Then, we act as your outsourced marketing department with every member of the team working to fill your sales pipeline.

Our network of proven marketing specialists includes marketing managers, creative directors, copywriters, designers, PR professionals, journalists, social media experts, telemarketers, and web/digital experts that act collectively as your virtual marketing department.