The right offer - create your own 'purple cow'

Seth Godin is famous for advocating that companies must produce remarkable products, rather like a purple cow standing out in a field of black and white cows. A product or service that has been created specifically from your clients' point of view is, we believe, the only sure way to make your propositions remarkable.

Put your customers at the heart
of your proposition

Creating a proposition encourages you to focus on the requirements of your customers and not base your product or service exclusively on your own parameters.

We advise that you conduct research — tune into the Voice Of The Customer, do competitor analysis, examine the marketplace.

Once you have comprehensively studied the features and benefits of your offering and other similar offerings, we can help you build a differentiation story. This is a story that your sales team will enjoy telling, and that will speak directly to your customers.

Proposition development for
your employees and customers

We will help you create a robust proposition that can be easily and successfully communicated internally and to potential customers.

Initially, this requires that you define the purpose and benefits of your product.

In the development stages, this clarification will help paint a meaningful vision that captures and fuels the imagination of the development team.

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Proposition Development

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