A measured approach

If you can’t measure it, then you can’t manage it! At Marframe, we take on the marketing department’s responsibility to evaluate the effectiveness of all marketing activity with the sole aim of illustrating whether or not it is providing a discernible return on investment.

Why measure
marketing results?

Knowledge is power and when you’re armed with the facts about your marketing activities, the benefits will keep increasing. We measure marketing results:

  • To refine tactics so that efforts are concentrated exclusively on the methods that deliver results.
  • To convince your sales team to fully support marketing.
  • To ensure continued corporate support and funding of marketing as the ‘engine of growth’.

A proven track record of
quantifying success

We can help you manage and measure marketing activity more effectively.

We can also provide you with the tools to continue to quantify the success of all your marketing activities and adjust them accordingly going forward.

For example, we can advise on the production of a master Excel document that is tailor made for your business. It will measure the exact amount spent on your marketing activity and its contribution to sales.

Learn more about
Full ROI Analysis

Number 9 in our 9-point marketing framework

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