Every component managed

At Marframe, we refine your target audience then plan, execute and measure integrated marketing campaigns that reach them with the right messages at the right time.We also manage and assess every component of your marketing activity and every prospect and lead for more efficient use of your marketing and sales resources.

A marketing campaign that
works harder

Planning a marketing campaign is just the start. Executing it properly, managing it through its entire life cycle, and effectively assessing and maximising leads are all essential if you are to derive ROI from your budgets.

Often multiple pushes are required and a good understanding of multi-channel marketing is imperative to success.

This is what the vastly experienced Marframe team does every day. We will liaise with all stakeholders including your sales teams and senior management to ensure that the campaign meets the goals and needs of everyone in your business and, most importantly, your customers.

Invest in the
right software

We can advise on marketing campaign management software. We understand that implementing new software can be disruptive and time consuming and can help you avoid some of the typical pitfalls associated with this.

We recommend you choose software which includes multi-channel marketing automation and built-in analytics. This is because the primary objective of any marketing activity must be that it gives measurable return on investment.

Though campaign management requires an investment of effort and resource, it is an effort that will pay for itself.

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