Know your customers

Understanding your customers is at the heart of effective marketing and relates directly to the most basic business objective, i.e. profit. If you want to improve performance you must listen to your customers,and understand what they want and how they feel about you.

Listen and you will hear
something to your advantage

Voice Of The Customer from Marframe is a disciplined approach to obtaining, understanding and prioritising customer requirements and demands.

It is a framework that works back from an appraisal of what customers really want.

When you understand your clients, your marketing strategy and marketing tactics become obvious.

For example, we have found that existing customers rarely divulge their confidential or unstated needs to their suppliers on an ongoing basis. This is almost certainly why marketing studies conducted by Bain & Co revealed that 80% of allegedly ‘satisfied’ customers are still prepared to move away to a competitor.

A unique research tool for
revealing key information

Voice of The Customer is to be used whenever there is a need to identify, understand, and prioritise customer requirements, which is arguably all the time.

It provides a better understanding of the customer, it accurately assesses the market situation and it allows the company to respond quickly and proactively.

Our researchers interview and test your clients on what they really think about your people, products, processes, brand and culture. We have a unique research tool that extracts the key information about your company’s strengths and weaknesses.We then help our clients increase sales by developing their marketing strategy around these true needs and wants, which in turn generates leads, increases revenue and delivers top-line growth.


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