Should we undertake any telemarketing campaigns?

Is marketing the same as selling (but with a college education)?
10th August 2018

At MarFrame, our experience is that many senior managers do not realise what it takes, and indeed how straight-forward it can be, to generate a continuous stream of pre-qualified leads and then turn them into buyers.

A s a result, they simply resort to what most people would do - they begin cold-calling because they think it will be successful and they are sucked into the almost irresistible and very compelling enthusiasm of a telemarketing agency.

There is no denying that prospects and leads are the lifeblood of any business. However, according to Kenan Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, “Over 80% of decision makers absolutely will not buy from a cold call." This comes as no surprise to us at MarFrame, and probably to those who have implemented more than half a dozen of them.

Senior managers should understand that a cold-calling is, at best, only likely to convert a suspect (someone that has never heard of you) into a prospect (someone that may have a need for your services). Yet what companies actually seek by cold-calling, and is all-too-often promised by telemarketing agencies, is a qualified lead i.e. someone with budget, authority, need and timing – better known as a B.A.N.T. lead.

Over 80% of decision makers absolutely will not buy from a cold call.


One-off bursts of cold calling rarely generate BANT leads.

If you are expecting a large collection of such leads from cold-calling activity then here at Marframe we believe you are aiming too high and are almost certain to be disappointed.

In many ways, establishing a business-to-business relationship is rather like establishing a personal relationship. We believe the answer is lead-nurturing over a period of time, which means keeping in regular contact, being seen in the right places and so being top of the tender list when the time comes.

We have found that it takes more than 35 phone calls to make contact with an IT Director and get their attention, and so potential clients must be ‘warm’ to your products and services before they will show genuine interest in what you’ve got to say.

If a telemarketing agency is promising you a certain number of BANT leads (not just suspects or prospects) from a specific campaign then we strongly advise you to sign a cash-on-delivery contract - we suspect you will still have most of your cash left at the end of the campaign.

People are naturally suspicious and cautious of cold-calls. This why Marframe works with 3rd party telemarketing agencies to orchestrate an ‘AIDA’ nurture programme that turns suspects into prospects into leads into clients.

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