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It is vital to focus your marketing activities accurately in order to position your business most effectively and to maximise the impact of your campaigns. At Marframe, we will help you identify what sectors and industries you should concentrate on and what markets are worthy of continued investment.

Proven success with
the MABA matrix

We insist on applying our MABA Matrix, a model based on the GE multi-factor model, which maps each market onto an industry attractiveness/business strength grid.

Consider the example shown in this diagram (to the left):

The company should invest in opportunities that appear in the top right of the matrix as these are segments that are both attractive and signify where the company has some measure of competitive advantage.

The opposite is true of those opportunities in the bottom left of the matrix.

At best, these are markets for cash management; at worst, they are markets for divestment.

Opportunities appearing 'in between' these extremes pose more of a problem.

This is where we help our clients make a strategic decision whether to redouble their efforts in the hope of achieving market leadership, manage them for cash, or cut losses and divest.

This process sets the scene for the marketing planning programme and supporting tactical plan for the remainder of the year and future years.

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